II stayed up late last night but it was worth it. I got up reluctantly at 8:30, to start my new shift at the cafe. Around 1 when my shift was supposed to end one of the other girls asked me if I would stay till close because there would only be two people closing. I made the decision to stay and help them out. Besides, a little extra money never hurts :). Most of all It felt good to work a long shift even though I could have left early. Good deeds are truly good for the heart.

Yesterday I visited my friend’s house about 45 minutes away from here. Most of the way there and back we listened to country music. I really do love Country. There is something about it that makes me feel at home. Does that make sense?

When I listen to Country music, I am flooded with memories.

I think of Lake Anna Virginia at my uncle’s lake house. I think of night fishing on the dock. I think of the sun on my face. I think of the cold lake water touching my skin. I think of swimming deep into the lake until I need to come up for air. I think of being at home. I think of driving in town with the windows down and the air touching my face. I think of a bonfire on a cool summer night. I think of the summer storms that lull me to sleep. I think of barbeques with my family. I think of summer and the worries that disappear with each day. I think of the friends and family members that I love.

This is by far my favorite Country song…

“I sit back and think about them good old days
The way we were raised in our southern ways
And we like cornbread and biscuits
And if it’s broke ’round here, we fix it…”

This verse makes me think of my mother. She no longer lives down south, but she still is as southern as they come. Not to brag but her cornbread and biscuits are amazing…

I don’t know where the music video was filmed, but it reminds me of Iowa.

I feel a little better than yesterday. Not that I felt bad, it was just one of those days where you think yourself crazy. I’m really hopeful that I will do well at the end of the semester. I know that I really have to try harder than I ever to beat this stupid habit of procrastination. Honestly I think I hate procrastination more so than I do expectation.

Happy Saturday Readers!

If you are drinking don’t drive and stay away from roofies (or floories). if you are under 21, don’t drink the loopy juice, drink koolaid spiked with redbull instead.

Stay safe, cause believe it or not someone probably loves you.


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